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The Japanimator Manifesto

            Japanese Animation, also known as Anime has been gradually growing in popularity within mainstream culture since the 1960's, peaking at a market value of $4.35 billion dollars by 2007 in America alone (Wood et al, blog, 2011). However, despite this incredible global success many animators working in Japan suffer horrendous working conditions, ridiculous working hours and often receive an insufficient pay cheque that is far bellow the countries minimum wage. (Meth et al, blog, 2015) Many entry level animators working at small production companies are payed just 120JPY or $1 per frame instead of receiving a fixed hourly rate meaning they can end a 10 hour day having earned as little as $5. (Ashcraft et al, blog, 2015) Not only is this a completely insufficient living wage, it is illegal. Animation is an art form. The professionals dedicated to this art form deserve to be recognised for their skill and payed sufficiently.
             Around 30 years ago it was possible for a "Japanimator" to draw around 1000 frames per month and earn a decent living wage. However due to the changes in art style animators can no longer draw as roughly or as simply as before meaning that even the most efficient animator can only draw 500 frames a month. (Schley et al, blog, 2015) This means that some animators can earn as little as $100 a month. (Meth et al, blog, 2015) It is, therefore, no surprise that there has been some debate over the low pay awarded to these animators with many professionals calling for regular monthly base salaries on top of a pay per frame supplement. (Schley et al, blog, 2015) One support group has also been started up and has received the support of some veteran animators. Through the use of crowdfunding this group aims to assist novice animators as they start out in the industry. The group offers discounted dormitory living for a lucky few as well as running some animation workshops.

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