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Women in the Music Industry

            In a male-driven record industry, women have been marginalized since the dawn of the 20th century when music publishing and recording began. Today, the issue of women being inferior to their male counterpart in the music industry is still there. Women are the sex symbols of music. There are so many issues that must be made aware of and addressed. Demoralization of women taints the fresh minds of younger audiences, degrades women by promoting double standards, and feeds into the norms of society. Most of these issues can be fixed by spreading awareness and educating the people. For now, society will be blinded by these problems faced in the music industry until change arises. .
             The younger generations of America are watching. Everything in the media is easily accessible to view. America has become numb to the fact that the exploitation of women in music causes serious impacts on the minds of young children and young adults. For example, the infamous former Disney-star, Miley Cyrus, started off with a young fan base. As her audience grew with her, she changed her identity to meet the expectations of modern pop culture. The music industry has completely exploited her in her new music and videos. Not only has this caused controversy around the world, but it has also had a negative influence on young girls and young women. The objectification of not only Miley Cyrus, but of all female singers and artists has showed that women can be treated merely as sex symbols. These artists set examples to the younger female generation and therefore should portray self-respect to obtain an appropriate image of women. .
             Females in general have come a long way to achieve equality and the music industry only degrades their valuable image. Double standards of women persist in today's music not only lyrically but also in music videos. Most male musicians have exposed women dancing in a sexualized way in their music videos.

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