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The Importance of Music in Schools

             In the United States today, schools that produce the highest academic achievement are spending 20% to 30% of the school day devoted to the arts, with an emphasis on music. During this sometimes harsh reality of limited time and funds, the people in charge of running the school systems are choosing the arts to relegate first, specifically the music program. If these individuals could only be educated on the incredible significance music has on the children of today, perhaps it would be their own opinions that would be modified. Children attending public school should have the opportunity to excel due to school-based music programs, rather than suffer as a result of reduced budgets.
             Elementary education is a building block that develops a child's skills to perform in real life situations. Studies show that participation in music programs at an early age increases ones self-esteem, critical thinking skills, and reasoning skills (National Arts Education Research Center, New York University, 1990). Other studies have shown that children educated in music, score significantly higher on reading tests than those who have not been subject to music (Nature, New York Times, 2002). To deny a child the opportunity to excel in school-based music programs is to deny them an improvement in academic skills.
             Aside from the many academic benefits of music education at a young age, music in schools promotes social well-being and gives children a sense of belonging to a group. The feeling of importance and inclusion is vital to a child's development and self-esteem. By participating in a music ensemble, a child feels as though his or her part is imperative to the success of the group. There is a certain bond shared among band and chorus members that is not found anywhere else. To deny a child the opportunity to excel in school-based music programs is to deny them social growth.
             Music is one of the few subjects that affect each of the ten basic functions of .

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