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The Health Benefits of Music

             The question posed in this research study is, "Can music therapy cure a myriad of problems in medical patients?" The use of music therapy has been applied to medical problems including the areas of immunity response, palliative cancer care pain and anxiety reduction, hypertension and blood pressure, autism, and metabolism control.
             This qualitative phenomenological research study is designed to develop an understanding about the healing benefits of music. The purpose and significance of the study is to explore areas of music therapy and find areas where it has proven effective. The question the researcher posed upon conception of the study is, "Can music therapy cure a myriad of problems in medical patients?" Music is enjoyed by nearly everyone whether as a hobby, a way of earning a wage, or as a way to unwind at the end of the day (citation needed). But music's existence is also being studied in the medical field as a way to reduce stress, bolster the immune system, promote social aspects, relieve pain as part of cancer palliative care, the assessment and treatment Autism Spectrum Disorder, help treat hypertension and anxiety in elderly patients, and control the metabolism (citation needed). There are areas of the medical field where music is utilized for the purpose of treating cancer patients as part of palliative care to take away pain and psychological problems associated with their illness, and music-based intervention is used to improve various aspects of life for them (citation needed). .
             Limitations and Delimitations.
             This is the researcher's first paper written for scholarly academia. The resources were limited to the ITT Technical Institute Virtual Library, Google, and Google Scholar and, as such, are subject to the results retrieved from these sources. Time constraints also posed a burden on the paper, as more findings could have been incorporated if there was more time available.

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