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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

            There are many benefits to breastfeeding - both for the mother and the child. Breastfeeding plays a key role in the health and nurture of an infant, especially during the first six months. Breastfeeding is affordable, provides many necessary nutrients needed to promote an optimal infant weight gain and produces antibodies to resist harmful diseases. It also provides a special bonding relationship between a mother and her baby which goes beyond the connection gained through the process of bottle feeding. (National Resource Defense Council, 2013).
             When an expectant mother decides that she will breastfeed her newborn baby, she should pay special attention to the foods she eats during pregnancy. Everything that enters her body will have an effect on the unborn fetus, as well as her ability to produce nutritious milk once the baby is born. The should eat a well-balanced diet of proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And wile breastfeeding naturally achieves the best health results in the first stages of infancy, if the mother is not getting the nutrients her body needs for herself and her baby, she may quickly lethargic as her body begins to draw upon its own energy reserve.(Baby Center Advisory Board, 2012).
             One of the central factors of breastfeeding an infant within the first few months of life; include the nutritional aspects of breastfeeding, via the production of immunological properties and antibodies that are present in breast milk. Breast milk helps to guard the infants from serious infection, which could harm the baby. Such infections include: respiratory, pneumonia, ear, eye, common colds, urinary tract, allergies, leukemia, lymphoma and spinal meningitis. (National Resource Defense Council, 2013).
             Two significant nutrients in breast milk are proteins and fats. Store bought formula does not contain the DHA and cholesterol that breast milk has, which help assists the infant's cardivascular and nervous system.

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