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Breastfeeding, Is Breast Best?

             In today's society breastfeeding is a controversial issue. Perhaps this is because people tend to form opinions before they know the facts. Take a minute and ask yourself a few simple questions. What do you really know about breast milk? How is produced? How does breastfeeding affect you and/or your baby? What is formula and what are its effects? Why would you choose to breastfeed or formula feed? What technique would ultimately be best for you and your child? If you want to make an informative decision, you need a base of knowledge. This choice potentially affects the health and intelligence of our future generations. .
             Breastfeeding is still found to be the preferred method all around the world, with 70% of the US mothers opting to nurse their newborn (Neifert, 2003). Formula feeding appears to be a more practical and convenient option for mothers; hence causing a trend towards the shift from breastfeeding to formula feeding. Has this shift been detrimental to our children? Recent research on the topic has revealed a few startling facts which has caused people to think twice about breastfeeding. .
             Based on key facts, I have come to the conclusion that breastfeeding is ultimately the best choice for both you and your baby.
             Breast milk has certain properties that can never be duplicated. Human milk has been proven to be successful in developing the baby's immune system and mental well being. .
             For Many years the option of breastfeeding has been viewed as a personal choice/preference, but in order to make a wise decision it is essential to evaluate all the facts regarding breastfeeding and formula feeding prior to making a decision. Many times people thoughtlessly choose the route of convenience, which may be detrimental to our children. This alone grounds the need to be educated on all aspects of breastfeeding. Thus I find it necessary to enlighten those prospective decision makers. I will begin by creating a basic foundation based on the background of breast milk and formula.

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