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Infants, Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

            One of the many decisions a parent has to make when it comes to their baby is whether they want to breastfeed for to give them formula. In the past generations, breastfeeding was the preferred way, but like everything else it started to change into formula being the preferred. Moms have been starting to give their child formula because either they do no lactate enough, it is painful, they simply do not want to continue watching what they eat or drink or they want to start dieting so they can get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Many organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and World Health Organization (WHO), recommend you to breastfeed since it is the "best option for a newborn". Brown (32) says, "Babies need to be fed breastmilk for the first half a year." Although, infant formula is a suitable alternative for those who do not choose to breastfeed. .
             Breastfeeding has perks not only for the newborns but also for yourself. It has many antibodies that help boost a newborns immunity, it has plenty of nutrients such as, protein, lactose, and fat that help with digestion and it promotes brain development. Breastmilk also plays a major role in infection-fighting. According to Brown (45), " Breastfeeding is beneficial for babies since it safeguards against asthma, obesity, diabetes and sudden infant death syndrome [SIDS)". It has also been said that breastfeeding helps you create a special bond with your baby. It allows the "oneness" meaning you still have the opportunity to provide health, warmth even after you have had your child. Dr. Sears says, "Breastfeeding helps you know and understand your baby. It can affect the way you listen to your child, the way you communicate and the way you respond for many years to come." He also says that it will make discipline your child as he or she grows. Helping your baby develop is not the only thing that breastfeeding does, it also burns a lot of calories, which allows you to lose weight.

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