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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

            Each year 800,000 children would survive if they were breastfed from birth up until the age of two years old. Breastfeeding is the most superlative way to provide infants with the proper nutrients and vitamins for growth and development. The process of breastfeeding has been around since the beginning of time, and for that reason it has become a common practice among all mothers. However, an abundant amount of mothers find it strenuous and stressful to breast feed because it requires utmost attention towards the baby, and maximum responsibility. These setbacks will only cause severe consequences in the future for the baby and for the mother. Breastfeeding is prominent because it consists of nutrients, protects from developing allergies and certain illnesses, and reduces post partum depression for mothers. .
             Breast milk contains an ample amount of nutrients. The vitamins in breast milk helps fight several dangerous germs by creating a protective layer made up of the infant's mucus membranes that are located on the nose, mouth, and throat. In addition, mother's breast milk is customized specifically for her child. Meaning the mother's body creates protection in the breast milk based on what viruses and bacteria the mother is exposed to. For example, if a mother has been exposed to the cold or flu the nutrients in her breast milk will help make sure the infant is not exposed to the cold or flu. Also, Breast milk contains the perfect blend of vitamins, fats, protein, and carbohydrates, and which aids the baby in exceptional health. The leukocytes cells that are found in breast milk help fight infections and can't be added to formula. Even a small amount of breast milk contains approximately one million white blood cells. These cells, called macrophages gobble up germs (Let Baby Enjoy, 6) .The children who are breastfed have a reduced chance of dying between ages 1-28 days of life.
             Exclusive breastfeeding compared to formula is composed of cow milk.

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