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Music Review of a Symphony by Mozart

             This piece of music gave the impression of a waltz or possible a minuet; the music in triple meter felt as if it was made for dancing. When listening, I liked that the sound of the bass was deep and flowing with a timbre that was rich and low. The song was in contrast to the piano which felt light and carefree. The music was very slow with a soothing and calming effect that was very relaxing. I had anticipated additional instruments being added or the accompaniment of an orchestra; however the entire piece of music was played with the double bass and piano. .
             I am very accustomed to hearing a double bass as back up to other instruments. Hearing it played as the lead was really a surprise to me I liked how the bass and piano kept it simple and clean while exaggerating the contrast between the two string instruments. This selection seemed somewhat unusual and but yet interesting to me at the same time. Listening to this piece evoked a feeling of the past; I felt as if I was transformed to the time of King Louis the 14th and was attending a royal ball at the Palace of Versailles. .
             A time before the French Revolution when there was absolute royalty. I felt as if I was in the Baroque period of opulence and excess. I could envision the dancers in line parading around the ballroom performing their formal dance to this piece of music while demonstrating their hierarchy. I felt immersed in a time when secular art was exploding after years of religious persecution. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have lived during the Baroque period and attend a Royal Ball. .
             This piece of music is a trigger for the imagination to travel to the Palace of Versailles and experience a Royal Ball. Many of us imagine what it would be like to have been a different person or to have lived in a different time or place. A simple piece of music like this one, which seems period based has the ability to take us there; I chose this selection of music because it was simple and dramatic.

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