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Amedues Review

            This 1985 Academy-Award winner for best picture is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In my opinion it definitely deserved that award. It really hits you from so many perspectives. The first being the dark perspective, Salieri. Also it hits you from a perspective of a man doing his work, the labor intended by God. During the first part of the ending when Mozart is dying it gives you the feeling of The Dark being victorious over the Good, but in the end it ends with The Good prevailing over The Dark by means of torture; the torture of Salieri's deterioration. I"m sure parts of this movie are dramatized but it really engulfs you as a viewer. It was obvious to have Mozart's music playing throughout the movie, and I believe that is the main reason the movie was so captivating. .
             The movie starts with Salieri in an insane asylum telling the story of why he doesn't want to confess his sins to a priest, ultimately to God. He goes into the story of his life and Mozart's part in it. The time period portrayed is the classical period. When Emperors and Kings ruled the land, and when most of all music was commissioned by them. I thought the manner in which the director chose to unfold the plot was classic. So many great movies are given as flashbacks. It is a chance to see their perspective now and the perspective of which they had back then. Which in this case we were able to see just the time when Salieri lost his faith and how in present day he is just the same, if not more bitter. (Talking to everyone how he is now the ruler of mediocrity.) The basic characters were Mozart, Salieri, Emperor, Mozart's wife, his father, and the noblemen. Some of the minor characters were Mozart's buddy "the actor", friends, his son, Mother-in-law, the peasant servant, and we mustn't forget, the mask of his dead father (Salieri). I call them minor actors because of the time they were in the film, but their impact was nothing to be overlooked.

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