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"The Mummy"

             A film I saw recently in Saule was "The Mummy". It was directed and produced by Blake Kunisch.
             Special effects heavy movie lacks the plot and fun that it was aiming for. Laughing once and bored the rest of the time, I thought that I overpaid (10 Lt) to see this movie. .
             Brendan Fraser stars as a guide who leads Rachel Weisz and and John Hanna to the legendary city of Hamunaptra searching for treasure and ancient artefacts. When the book of the dead is read from, the mummy rises from the dead to unleash the 10 plagues upon Egypt and eventually kill everyone on earth. .
             I read in the magazine that "You might like this film if: You liked Indiana Jones ." The key word here being might. Well I loved Indiana Jones. But this movie tries to hard to live up to those great movies. Many of the scenes had me saying to myself, "Haven't I seen that before? Oh yes, I remember- .
             At times the movie can be "rousing, suspenseful and horrifying," but most of the times, it isn't. The director tried too hard to incorporate so many special effects that they just forgot to put a plot in. At the start of the movie, they try and set up the circumstances leading up to the death of "the mummy," it was just boring and extremely hard to watch. I wasn't expecting much from this movie because of the reviews I had heard before. I have talked to my friends who have enjoyed this movie. Personally for me, this movie was boring and all of the special effects slowed the movie down. On the whole, this movie just lacks what it takes to make it a fun, enjoyable movie and I just can't recommend it. I never saw the original, but I'm sure it was much better because back in 1932, they couldn't have all of the special effects interrupt the plot of this movie.

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