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The Mummy

            The classic horror films all involve the textbook monster; Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, and of course The Mummy. Terence Fisher tackled the project of bringing the white wrapped monster to life in 1959, and then Stephen Sommers re-created the film in 1999. Both films obviously tell the classic story of the mummy and its curse, but several differences exist. Sommers takes a classic horror movie and molds into more of an action adventure movie with moments of suspense.
             The Fisher version opens with an archeological expedition in Egypt, where Professor Stephen Banning and his son, John Banning, hope to uncover the lost tomb of Princess Ananka. Unfortunately, John is unable to participate directly, because he is recuperating from a broken leg. A mysterious Egyptian appears and warns the party not to enter the tomb, threatening them with dire consequences should they do so. The warnings are ignored, of course, and when the tomb is opened, Professor Banning discovers more than just Princess Ananka. He finds a scroll, which he begins to read, and a second mummy "Kharis "is brought to life by the power of the scroll. Though Professor Banning escapes physically unharmed, the sight of Kharis drives him mad, while Kharis and the scroll disappear without a trace. Years later in England, John and his wife Isobel visit his father in a nursing home for the mentally ill, when the Professor suddenly becomes lucid for the first time since returning from Egypt. He tells his son about the events that had taken place in the tomb. Even worse, he is convinced that the Mummy will be coming for him again soon.and for all those who dared desecrate the princess's tomb. Of course the Mummy does come to murder all that disturbed the tomb, but under the direction of the mysterious Egyptian man. The Mummy is successful in the first two murders, but is stopped in his third by John Banning's wife because she is the spitting image of Princess Ananka.

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