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Music and the Brain: Instruments and Intelligence

            What is it about music that seems to captivate the attention of various groups of people around the world? Could it be the rhythms, or the lyrics that they listen to? Music has been around for thousands of years and continues to add energy to the lives of many. The impact that music can have on an individual is remarkable and can change lives in a myriad of ways, including: assisting with academics, improving life skills, and utilizing the mind. Although learning to play an instrument can be a rigorous and laborious task, the benefits that will come from learning can help you in many aspects of life. .
             One benefit that music can offer is aiding with the arduous and stressful part of life called school. People tend to overlook the ways that music impacts the success on their education. Nadine Gaab, a neuropsychologist, has been working with her team showing improved life skills that link with music. "There's a lot of evidence," Gaab explains, "that if you play a musical instrument, that you have better reading skills, better math skills, et cetera." (Hicks 4). Gaab emphasizes the idea on how music impacts the lives of students in their school subjects. At the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, every student receives music instruction. Diana Lam, the head of the school, points out, "Music addresses some of the behaviors and skills that are necessary for academic success. Since we started implementing El Sistema, the Venezuelan music program, our test scores have increased dramatically."(Hicks 3) This is a fantastic example of a school that has received the benefits of learning to play music and has shown growth since they implemented the music program. Although music has a significant impact on our study life, the benefits do not cease there. Instruments can improve our life skills that are critical when relating to people, controlling our emotions and much more. .
             Cognitive abilities are essential in this life and they are skills that many tend to overlook when going through daily activities.

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