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Howard Gardner

             As a teacher it will always be my responsibility to keep up to date on new research done on learning theories. That way I am able to provide a fun and exciting learning environment for my students. After learning about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences I now realize how important it is to make sure I work hard to include every child into my curriculum. Gardner's theory is that everyone is able to recognize a student that does scores great on an exam is smart, that does not mean that a student that falls short of doing good on the same test is not as brilliant as the other student. Howard Gardner's, theory opposes traditional methods that view intelligences as unitary, and perceives intelligence to contain eight domains. Gardner believes there is several different intelligences that each person embodies in certain magnitudes. Having more of a particular intelligence than another will change has each person retain information. As a child growing up in public elementary schools, I was taught from a traditional methods. These methods focused mainly on verbal and mathematical skills. If a student is anyone of the other six proposed intelligences, he or she would most likely do unsatisfactorily in school. Howard Gardner's eight intelligences are: body/ kinesthetic, naturalist, visual/ spatial, musical/ rhythmic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, verbal/ linguistic, and logical/ mathematical.
             Body/ kinesthetic is one of the first intelligences we"ll explore. This kind of learner has the skill to manipulate body motion and manage things with skill. Also the body/ kinesthetic learner obtains great hand eye coordination and has an excellent sense of balance. Interacting with the space around them is the way in which this learner processes information. The body/ kinesthetic learner can be a handful in a classroom, and as a student it may be difficult for this type of person to sit still. A teacher needs to give this student breaks and let them move around.

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