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How To Be A Successful Student

             How To Be A Successful Student.
             We all experience some sort of education during our lifetime, whether we succeed or fail depends completely on ourselves. To be a successful student there are a few guidelines you should follow. Attend all classes wherever possible, manage your time efficiently and put drive and effort behind your learning. Following these three guidelines will help to ensure a successful and fruitful educational career.
             The first step to being a successful student is attendance. Regardless of the teaching format, whether it is boring or simply impossible, attending class is a key to success. Even if all of your readings are complete and you feel comfortable with the information attend class and listen to the material as it is discussed in class. Make note of the teacher's point of view and the topics that are covered in more detail, chances are you will see them again on a test or exam. Take notes on pertinent information and on subject matter that you do not quite understand and need to clarify. Attending class will ensure that you familiarize yourself with the knowledge you gain and that that knowledge will be easily recalled when most needed. .
             The next step to being a successful student is time management. Organize your time between school, work and your social life very carefully. To be an efficient student you must balance your free time be sure to plan a loose schedule that you can keep day in and day out. Designate a certain number of hours to studying, reviewing and homework and try to keep the hours as consistent as possible. Do not study for extended periods of time; try studying for shorter intervals more often instead of studying for hours on end. You will find that your attention span stays focused and studying goes by much faster. To be successful you must leave enough time each week to complete assignments, readings and revisions even if it means sacrificing some social time.

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