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How to Be a Successful Student

            What do you imagine when you think to be an international student in the U. before you come there? Many students have wrong imagination of studying abroad. They think they can become successful there without any effort. Unfortunately, the first time in the U.S. is difficult and overwhelming, and they do not know what to do to be successful. Based on my own experience, there are three things that I recommend to new students to be successful in the U.S.
             The first thing that they should do to be successful is not to be afraid to communicate with people. When I came to the U.S., I was alone and lonely. I had barrier to conversing in a new language, so I was afraid to speak incorrectly. I studied at school. Though there were many different students, it was hard for me to make new friends. I thought no one wanted to be a friend of mine because they did not talk to me first. Based on my experience, I can say that new international students have to talk to people first, try to be more open and welcoming, and they can see that most of native speakers will be nice to them. If they become friends with others who speak English, their English improves faster. Never should they be afraid to talk to people; as aresult, it can be a big step to be successful students.
             Another thing that students should do is to start to do extra-curricular activities. For example, when students participate in sports, they learn important lessons which related to being successful students. Being involved in sports, they learn how to cooperate in a team and to be apart of it. As a result, it helps them to better understand other students around them. Then, sports are always competition, and they can be winners and losers there, but trying to get their best, they always improve their last results. In addition, volunteering, such as working at the front desk to provide information to people who come can help them to connect with the school department and even people outside of schools.

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