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Education and Continuing Development

             This report is written to discuss about the continuous professional development courses for teachers. The discussion includes the advantages and disadvantages comes from it, the cost,benefits involved and also the targeted audiences.
             Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves intentionally developing the knowledge, skills and personal qualities you need to perform your professional responsibilities. It is generally required by professional bodies and institutes, which provide CPD schemes including teachers. It is also used as an umbrella term to cover all types of learning by professionals. CPD is the professional development required specifically by professional bodies and institutes. Our research has found a strong link between professional development CPD and improved promotion prospects, greater work engagement, and a strong sense of achievement and job satisfaction. There are many types of CPD, which can help teachers at every stage of their career, and suit their own interests and availability of time. The main areas of activity are:- (1)developing a reflective approach to your work, (2) expanding your skills and knowledge through working with resources, (3)sharing and learning with other teachers and (4) participating in training workshops and courses. The objective of Ministry of Education Malaysia is to create a new generation of students who are specialized in both knowledge and skills required to be able to live a successful life as well as make the country proud in one way or another. Therefore, the education nowadays have changed to a new level which focuses on the important subjects nowadays such as English, Mathematics and all subjects that involves Science. According to that, the teachers are playing the most important role to help the students to excel in both knowledge and skills.
             Current Situation and the Issues of Continuous Professional Development Courses for Teachers.

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