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Defining Success

             It is a well-known fact that most people will say they want to be successful in numerous, if not all, aspects of their lives. However, when asked to define success many people have a difficult time defining the word in personal, specific, and measurable terms. Most people actually find it easier to propose that possessing an abundance of money implies ones success. Despite many people who think of success this way, in the present, this is starting to be thought of as the "classic" definition of success. Individuals are beginning to render the "classic" definition obsolete because they feel that ones personal success cannot be strictly measured by an amount of money. Slowly but surely, it is becoming to be realized that there is more to the definition of success than being affluent and/or famous. For too long, the general public has over looked that success truly comes when someone is purely happy after an accomplishment that was worked through with an enormous amount of effort, and when a person can honestly say they are happy with their life and who they are.
             For the closed minded of the world who still choose to define success in terms of having the sum of money and fame like that of Brad Pitt or Britney Spears, they take another's success and see it as a huge failure. A prime example of this narrow minded way of thinking would be a person judging someone whose profession is being a teacher. Instructing students, whether it is at the elementary school, high school, or college level, is a way for someone to earn a descent and reasonable living. However, teaching does not make nearly the amount of money some people classify as successful. But if these people were to look at success using Webster's Dictionary definition, which is accomplishing a set aim or having a favorable outcome, teachers would be extremely successful with their lives. A person would have had to make it their goal to earn a teaching degree and obviously accomplished that by putting their full hundred and ten percent into it.

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