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A Barbie World

             America is a culture defined by physical perfection. Mattel Barbie dolls are a pop-cultural trend that has influenced generations of young girls throughout the world. However, that influence has not come without a fair share of controversy. Many critics of the doll have longed argued that Barbie causes negative effects on girls. These effects range from unhealthy body images to unrealistic careers to believing in materialistic things. Barbie does not represent the average American women. Barbie is made specifically for adolescent pleasure, yet they do not portray any accurate information in order to affectively develop a young women's mind. .
             When an icon carries as much influence as Barbie in everyday culture, its weight becomes imperceptible and taken for granted. When this happens, it becomes extremely necessary to dig even deeper to be aware of the implications that the doll carries. But Barbie is not just a toy. Playing Barbie allows girls to create a whole world of fantasy, separate from their real life environment. It can be an escape to a place they have never been to before, or somewhere they go everyday. Barbie to little girls" is like being stranded on a deserted island for a couple of hours. It is a time where no one can bother you. Barbie opens up young girls minds, increasing their creativity. But just how influencial is their creativity? In our time with all the roles Barbie plays and is market as, she has the ability to inspire today's young girls to do or be anything they set their minds to be. In her forty years, Barbie, a plastic toy doll, has become the definitive image of femininity in the United States and a symbol of woman. By playing Barbie, young girls learn early what it means to be a girl in a world where women are objects of consumerism. .
             Barbie has become such a symbolic image. But, if Barbie were human, she would stand 5 foot 4 inches tall, weigh 110 pounds, and have a 39-inch bust, 18-inch waist, and 33-inch hips.

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