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1969 Vintage Barbie

             The artifact I chose to research was an old Barbie doll that my mom had. She received it as a gift in 1969 but I found out that this particular series of dolls came out in 1967. The Barbie came dressed in a pink two-piece bathing suit but a white wedding dress also came as an accessory. Barbie dolls were first manufactured by the Mattel company in 1959. It was one of the first anatomically correct dolls to be produced. These dolls were intended to be toys for young girls and remain very popular to this day.
             These dolls made a pretty large domestic statement because as I previously said it was one of the first anatomically correct dolls ever produced. These dolls were mildly controversial because Barbie had such large breasts, especially compared to the rest of her body. Even with the controversy the dolls became extremely popular. Over time the Barbie became more than just a doll, it came to represent everything a beautiful woman should be with many people seeing her as the ultimate sign of female beauty. As Barbie moved into the 90s she was again surrounded by a bit of controversy over her body. People thought that because of her body's figure she was giving young girls the wrong impression of what a beautiful woman should look like. As a result the company changed Barbie's dimensions slightly to make her look more realistic. .
             Over the past 44 years Barbie has changed quite a bit. In 1961 Barbie met her true love when Ken dolls started being manufactured. Barbie also got some friends with the addition of the Skipper doll in 1961 and the Francie doll in 1966.When the dolls first came out Barbie was supposed to be a fashion model but over the years as the role of women in our society changed, so did Barbie. Now days you can find a Barbie for just about any occupation you can think of and more. Barbie has her own car and dream house and there is almost no accessory that your Barbie can't have.

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