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            Barbie, the Plague that must be stopped!.
             In today's society, many negative images influence our children's sense of reality. From the vulgar music that has contaminates the airwaves to cartoons reared for the viewing of young children; like the Simpson, which contain foul language and sexual content. Many children idolize their favorite action hero, pop star or if society is lucky hopefully parents that are positive role models, but what if your child idolized the Barbie doll? Yes, the perfect buxom blonde bombshell that is somehow capable of conquering the world with her smile and the right hue of lipstick. .
             Mattel, one of the worlds leading Toy Companies, has had their share of controversy with the Barbie Doll. Women right's activist feel there is much emphasizes on appearance in our society from weight, height, and race, rather than education, self-esteem and moral values, and that society as a whole needs to take responsibility in the empowerment and the development of children. In addition, as individuals, we have allowed societies image of beauty and acceptance infiltrate our own perceptions. Although Barbie is merely a doll her values and body image is a negative example for her young practitioners. Personally, I was not a fan of Barbie as a young girl; remote control cars and trucks captured my interest rather than a doll. Society and individuals should discontinue the use or participation of any game, toy or sport that can be described any way as a negative image for children. .
             Has society allowed itself to play a part in developing characteristics of the Barbie doll? Well of course, they have. Everywhere you look, magazine ads show ways to loose weight or how to change ones appearance in order to gain acceptance from peers. The majority of women are striving to reach the perfect ideal of what society feels is beautiful which leads many to dieting, excessive exercising and in worse cases the help of doctors to reconfigure their face or tuck their stomachs.

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