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Dressing for Success

            In the last decade the phrase dressing for success has become more relevant than in any other time before, especially in the business world. When the term "dress for success " was used in the 70's for the first time by the author John Malloy in his book by the same name the author coined this term to show how one's clothing, personal care and general appearance can have a huge impact on making a good first impression. Dressing for success is usually related with looking professional on the job, moreover it is linked to the job application process. .
             One may ask the question, "Does it make a difference how people dress for an interview? " I would argue that it does. In my personal experience I have seen this principle of dressing for success applied many times. My mother owns a chain of clothings store and I was in charge of hiring new staff members and I saw this many times. When you are applying for a job you are selling yourself to a prospective employer. Although in most aspects of life you should not be judged by how you dress, in the career field that is the first impression you make. In an interview setting you only have a very limited amount of time. Typically an employer is not going to have enough time to really get to know an interviewee. They will need to make quick decisions about your character, and usually the only things they will have to go on will be your resume, how you look, and how you present yourself. Dressing for success not only includes how people dress up it also is focus on how we can use our skills to sell ourselves. .
             When talking about this topic it is common to hear "What you see is what you get". .
             Unfortunately, we live in a visually oriented world and in most of the cases, the first judgments people make about a person are going to be based solely on appearance. In the workplace, someone's posture, gestures, voice intonations, grooming, eye contact, presentation, and dress say a lot about who they are.

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