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Subway's Expansion into China

            Write an essay in which you discuss reasons for Subway's success, and comment on its expansion in China.
             Subway was founded in 1965 by Doctor's Associates Inc. under the name Pete's Super Submarines; it was renamed Subway in 1968 after the franchise began to expand. It is now a world-renowned fast-food chain serving millions of customers in over 108 countries. It has been named the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world and the company is still expanding at an extraordinary rate. Its slogan is 'eat fresh' and the company prides itself on providing healthy fast-food products at competitive prices. Subway started its expansion into China only a few years ago and has since enjoyed great success in the rapidly developing country. But what are the reasons for its general success and successful expansion into China?.
             Since the industrialisation of many now developed countries, the lives of ordinary people have become busier than ever and the demand for fast and easy food has skyrocketed. This has led to the increased popularity for fast-food. This is one of the main reasons as to why Subway has become so successful. People living in big cities, where fast-food restaurants normally lie, have normally such busy lives, that home-made food is just not a practical choice. Fast-food is therefore very attractive, as it only takes a few minutes to receive your order. However, this does not explain Subway's individual success, as all fast-food chains have benefited from the increase in demand for quick albeit unhealthy food. So what is it that has made Subway overtake world-famous Mc Donald's to become the world's biggest fast-food chain in terms of numbers of restaurants with over 35000 restaurants?.
             Health. Obesity is becoming a serious problem throughout the Western world and many people are rightfully blaming fast-food for it. Fast-food is famous, infamous, for being unhealthy and even the supposed healthy products such as salads, which come with a fat-laden dressing.

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