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Company Performance - Internal and External Analysis

             ASDA launched its price guarantee campaign to attract online customers and success. According to experts, ASDA managed to make the largest Christmas grocery sales by applying the price guarantee campaign. This report serves as a proof of the successful run of the project resulting in more than half a million users visiting the ASDA website during May, 2012. This is a significant achievement for ASDA during the past few years. According o another report, ASDA improved its sales by 19.2% in the year 2012 (Retail Week, 2012). The increase in the downloading of the iPhone application of ASDA also indicates the company's success. The ASDA servers witnessed almost 170,000 downloads (Asda, 2012). Therefore during the financial crisis period, the price guarantee campaign proved effective as it stressed on the saving habit over spending. The company gained reputation due to its stress on price stability and price control. .
             EXTERNAL ANALYSIS .
             ASDA is one of the leading players in the food sector of the UK market. The food sector of the global market is becoming increasingly competitive with the rise in fresh players joining the market and a company must learn to evolve in line with customer evolution. . Customers shopping behaviour and methods have been greatly influenced by the changing technology and the financial recession. (Poter 2004) explains how a rising number of companies are providing outlets that offer the same quality of product in lower prices. Considering the current market stature and the evolving needs of the customers, ASDA will have to change accordingly in order to retain a position in the global market as a strong competitor creating enough profit and at the same time improving its reputation. .
             Political Forces.
             The general idea concerning the food market is that it is one of the most competitive sectors and expands rapidly by entering the global market. According to the British Retail Consortium (2010) the company, Tesco is the largest growing company which is employing different market entering strategies.

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