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College Success Camp

            First, I want to share about my feeling before the success camp of my college. When I study in Erican College, I don't know all of the new intake students must participate this success camp, I feeling very scare because I never participate some camp before and all of group member I also don't know who is she/he. I hope that I have friend same group with me. With the success camp is getting closer; student portal posted the name list of each group member in success camp, it has two batches, the list is separate according to what student's intake in batches. The students who are intake in September 2014, January 2015 and April 2015 are in the same batches. So, the date of first batches is 26-29 July 2015 and the date of second batches is 27-31 July 2015. .
             I am January intake student so I will become first batches member of this success camp. All of my friends are same batches with me, but we are in a different group. After the name list came up, I saw that I just know one of the group member in my group, make me feel more disturb and afraid, and also let me wanted to escape this success camp, I very afraid to participate this success camp, because we must do more activities, my legs has injured before, so I have not self-confident to do it well. And I also heard that our place of the success camp got ghost, I feel the place is very terrible. My parents also told me don't want to go the success camp, but I know that this is an assignment, if I didn't go, I have no marks of this assignment and all of the student must participate. .
             Next, I want to share about my feeling after I attended the success camp. I feel like very happy and get more experience in this success camp. I learned that no matter what happened, we must have teamwork in one group and my group also has a good leader to lead us to complete all of the mission and keep to give us a lot of encouragement when we are doing the mission.

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