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             Wrestling was much more than a sport it helped form my personality. Before I was a wrestler I was just another confused kid. I had a already started to get into some bad things, I would vandaliz my school, other people's property, I would shoplift, and I had done other bad things that were leading me down wrong path. When I got into junior high I was a bit of an outcast. I got stuck at a religious private school where I really did not want to be. I wanted to be with my friends and still have fun like we used to. Because of how I was acting I was not allowed to associate with my friends. I played .
             football in the fall of 7th grade, but I still did not feel like I was a outcast. When winter came around my Dad talked me into joining the wrestling team. After the first week of practices I knew I love the sport. .
             At first I was horrible at wrestling, I lost every match till just about midseason. .
             Then I started to get the feel for wrestling where I could start to tell what my opponent was going to do. I started to win almost every match. I even got first place a tournament, all three of the kids and had to wrestle had beaten me earlier that season and I pinned all of them in the first minute. When I got a taste of what it felt like to win a knew that I would do it tuck to keep on winning, and I would do anything in my power not to loes I just had a lot of trouble handling defeat. .
             That summer I had done so good in my season that the high-school coach took me to the high-school training camp in Missouri. Missouri wrestling camp was probably one of the hardest things that I had ever done at that point in my life. I had to wrestle guys that were two times my size and most of them had wrestled for years. The style of wrestling was total differnt to what I was uesd to. They moved quicker, uesd more stranth, and it seemed they would try to hurt their oppine. But it did improve my wrestling so much.

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