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Narrative of a Wrestling Tournament

            I reluctantly walked into the Rochester Civic Center locker room with a sports duffle bag overflowing with some wrestling gear and clothes I had packed from last night. This place gives me nerves from past tournaments that I had wrestled in that left me with a 0-2 win-loss record. This is a highly regarded tournament and wrestlers from all around Minnesota and nearby states came to see if they got what it takes to leave being number one on the totem pole in their substantially large brackets. Chills are running through my back as I begin slowly retracting my duffle bag Velcro as the sound seems to echo through the vacant bleak locker room. Brandon and Tanner, my wrestling buddies; who are out of my league in terms of wrestling experience and knowledge, came with me to the tournament. .
             "Hey guys, are you nervous to wrestle today. Like my body is warm, but my hands and feet are frozen cold," I say as the three of us are sitting on the dilapidated seats that creek with every subtle movement you take. .
             "Yeah, bro. I'm like shaking for some reason. And somewhat sick." Tanner says as he puts on his customized singlet. .
             "I know dude, I feel like $@#% for some reason. Anyways were going to start warming up because the first round literally starts in thirty minutes which is dumb." They get done before me as I left alone in the locker room to get dressed. .
             "Thirty minutes!!! That definitely not enough time, that's some ole bull," I shouted. .
             "Then you better hurry up. We'll be out on the mat." They walk out the door and it's just me and my thoughts. I know I have this little fire of determination and drive in the back of my mind, but there is this tension in my gut that I cannot explain. .
             My heart is bumping repeatedly through my chest, I have the fire built up in my eyes, I have a sweat rolling, and positive thoughts are going through my mind all at the same time. I think to myself I'm a beast of nature, I'm an animal, I will make this son of a gun wish he was never born, there is no man that can match me, my style is impetuous and my defense is impeccable, and other things like that.

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