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Requirements in School

            Throughout life one thing that will constantly be encountered, constantly questioned, and often constantly hated, are requirements. In order to succeed whether it be in schooling, one's job, or overall life requirements are obviously, required. Is it right to force the completion these things? Does a man need to study English in college to be an architect? Without doing these often times useless acts, failure is eminent. Complaining and requirements have been synonymous since the very dawn of time. Is there such a thing as specialty? Or perhaps a man must pursue being equally talented at all things. In a world of specialists why must the educational system mandate that students must take specific courses? Modern day required collegiate level studies are neither enjoyable nor beneficial, yet a way to impose the view of the administration. .
             Required courses are by no means needed. In James Thurber's piece University Days it is required to take classes that were irrelative to his greater goal. For example, it was necessary for Thurber to take a swimming class. Only if Thurber wanted to participate in a decathlon or the Olympics would this be of any good to him. Obviously he was there to study writing and literature, so why must he study such absurdities?.
             Not only are these courses not needed, but they"re useless. Schools will argue that the objective of these lessons is to endorse a society that is well rounded. In a society of specialists, being well rounded won't attract success. Life, after schooling, is all about success. .
             Mandatory courses are not only useless, but they lack enjoyment. Thurber shows how bitter he is over such required classes in University Days. Botany, for Thurber is unbelievably difficult. Being the only student who is unable to see things in the microscope, the professor often becomes enraged. Thurber tries his hardest despite the professor's fury, but undoubtedly his self-esteem lacks.

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