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School Uniforms

             "Those that would give up essential liberty for a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." This quote, that was said by Benjamin Franklin, shows that making kids wear uniforms in school just to make it safer is giving up our liberty. Liberty is the right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing. Liberty is what makes up America and our way of life. This along with our individuality and the cost of uniforms is why not having uniforms is the right way to go. .
             Having kids wear uniforms in school would be wrong. In a poll taken at Council Rock High School, one thousand and ninety-six students were agaisnt uniforms and only two hundred and twenty-nine students were in favor of uniforms. Not only is it agaisnt what the kids want, it also is against what America is all about. Quoted to J.C. Miller, "We're supposed to be a melting pot. This is the country where we tolerate someone who looks different, acts differently, and thinks differently. Intolerant politicians who can't leave us alone think they can make all sutdents exactly alike. Well, they can't." People from around the world admire America for all the freedom we have here. Making us wear uniforms in school is taking away our freedom of expression. People in other countries will see this, and will have less respect for America. This is only one of many problems that involve school uniforms. .
             Another problem with school unifroms is that they are expensive. Some stufents may not be able to afford it. So what then? Quoted from Pat McNelly, "Some say it is more economical for families to buy uniforms. But kids who want nice clothes will want them regardless of a uniform policy, so parents may need to buy both uniforms and the clothes kids really want to wear." So with uniforms, you are paying twice as much then as you do without them. Uniforms also have no use outside of school. Don't you think it is wrong that we need to buy extra clothes just for school?.

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