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Cleveland Municipal School District

            The Cleveland Municipal School District could learn a lot from the Chugach School District when it comes to quality. The CMSD needs to realize that something needs to be put in action immediately to get the Ohio Proficiency tests up. By looking at the statistics for the 1999-2000 year test results it shows that the CSMD falls short to the State Proficiency performance results. The fourth grade received a 16.1 % overall when the SPP (State proficiency Performance) was 30.8%. The 12th grade received a 13.8% and the SPP was 42.3% so this states plainly that it doesn't get any better in fact it got worst. So what they need to do is begin a comprehensive restructuring effort just like CSD. The CMSD needs to work with the students at their own pace and install individualized learning practices. CSD gives their children a student assessment binder so that teachers, parents and even the students can see what that particular child needs to focus on. They also have a Student learning profile (SLP) that is updated every 3 years with the students learning patterns which determines how the student learns the best. Whether its through visual instruction, means of hearing, or with physical aides. CSD was able to do this by waiving the credit based graduation requirements and use a system that has the flexibility to accommodate the learning styles of each student. CSD has also been able involve the community successfully and CMSD has not which is one of the most important things to improving quality among the school district. CSD involved the community by using survey's to get the community's input on the goals and performance status with the school. They also go to in-service learning and planning sessions for the CSD staff. Another way to implement quality is of course through the teachers which is very important. What CSD does is provide 30 days of training each year for the teachers so they can develop action plans.

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