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Management and Cleveland Hopkins Airport Operations

             Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a part of aviation history that goes back all the way to the beginning of commercial flight. This airport was the site of several aviation firsts, and has a rich history. Toady, there are hundreds of thousands of flights that go through Hopkins every year, and in order to keep all of those passengers safe, they must implement strict security measures. From agents trained in behavior analysis to new Advanced Imaging technology that can detect if a passenger is carrying something potentially dangerous. Security technology at Hopkins International airport is becoming more advanced, with the goal of decreasing the threat of terrorism. In addition, with the millions of travelers using Cleveland Hopkins Airport every year, they generate a large amount of income and expenses. Revenue is generated from non-aeronautical sources like concessions, retail stores, and other businesses in the terminal just as much as it is from aeronautical sources like ticket sales and landing fees. There is much to be learned about Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and I'm glad to have grown up around such a large part of aviation history.
             Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was the first airport I visited, and eventually flew out of, because I grew up less than 10 minutes away. Coincidentally, Cleveland Hopkins was also the first municipal airport in the United States. Founded in 1925, it was originally called Cleveland Municipal Airport until 1951, when it was changed to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to honor founder William R. Hopkins (Wiki, "Cleveland Hopkins", 2015). This airport was the site of many firsts in the aviation industry. It was the first airport to possess an air traffic control tower, the first to have an airfield lighting system, and also the first to have a ground to air radio control system. (2015) All three of these feats were accomplished in the year 1930.

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