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Graduation Requirements

            Since the first moment I walked through my high school main entrance, it was nothing but intimidating. A whole new three story brick building with high ceilings and hallways that looked identical every corner you turned. Walking into a school filled with 1,200 other student, I couldn't help but feel insignificant. On the first day the entire freshman class, which makes up roughly about 400 students, are packed into a enormous theater inside the school. Even with the entire freshman class packed in the theater, it was still only less than half full. I sat with friends all from the same middle school. Me and everybody else were looking around trying to catch a glimpse of other kids we might have know as we eagerly waited for somebody to walk up to the lonely microphone on stage. Ten minutes went by of socializing, asking how each others summers were and what they have been doing, until four formally dressed people stepped up on to the stage. With a short pause the once buzzing theater went silent, a man in a gray suit with a green tie walks up to the microphone in the middle of the stage, with the other unfamiliar three people standing at his side. The man in the gray suit introduced himself as Principal Greg Shugrue, and begun the first of many speeches we would hear in the next three hours of our life. He spoke very clear and very loud with a comforting tone, he started with welcoming the freshman class to his school, and speaking of the importance on doing well in school in which impacts each of our futures. When he finished he introduced the next speaker, assistant Principal Dr. Longo, and stepped back as Dr. Longo took his place in front of the mic. The assistant principal would attempt to explain the newly frustrating schedule to the freshman class. After saying all he had to say, he introduced the next speaker, a woman named Mrs Curtis, also assistant principal. It was her speech that covered our a list of graduation requirements.

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