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How Do I Define Sucess

             "Success, as I see it, is a result, not a goal," says Gustave Flaubert.
             success is the sum of a person's hard work and not something he wishes to attain. Many people .
             have achieved success in some way, shape, or form in just about anything in life, it is just that the .
             society we live in does not acknowledge the little achievements that people make. Countless .
             members of our materialistic society consider having money as the pinnacle of success when it is .
             actually far form it. An excellent example of money considered being the pinnacle of success is if one asks an educated person, 'Who is the world's most successful man?' The person who was asked has a .
             very good chance of answering 'Bill Gates.' The most common reason that he would give this .
             response is because the fact that Gates is the richest man on earth. Yet being the richest man does .
             not just make Bill Gates successful. If Bill Gates worked hard at what he did and happened to .
             become the richest man alive, then he truly is successful. While "success" such as that of Bill Gates only happens to a few people, there are many things that common people do in their everyday lives that are considered successes. Little things such as getting an 'A' on a test, getting hired for a job, or winning an athletic competition are forms of success. For a student, getting an 'A' grade for a homework assignment or test is a success because he worked hard for the grade. Another example of success is a person being hired for a job. The person who was hired made every effort to be the man chosen for the position. Last but not least, winning an athletic competition is a major form of success. In any competitive sport, people have to pull out all the stops to out do the other competitors and win the contest. The final result of all their effort will be success and most likely a victory. In other words, the meaning of success is the fruit of a person's exertion in a task.

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