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Animal Farm outline

             Orwell intended to criticize the communist regime he saw sweeping through Russia and spreading to Europe and even the United States. Though he agreed with many Marxist values, Orwell couldn't really accept the communist understanding of socialism because he saw many similarities between the communist governments and the previous tzarist regimes in old Russia. He thought Communism was wrong, and used The Farm, The Barn, and The windmill to express his opinions.
             I. In Animal farm Orwell uses his symbolic farm to represent the communist system. Though the original thought of overthrowing Mr. Jones (who represents the Tzars), is not evil in itself, Napoleon's understanding of nearly all of Mr. Jones" principles and harsh mistreatment of the animals, proves to the reader that indeed communism is not equality, just another form of inequality. The pigs and dogs take most of the power for themselves, thinking that they are the best proprietors of government. Eventually the power corrupts them, as it does through out history, and they turn on their fellow animals, removing competitors through propaganda and bloodshed. This, obviously, is a reference to Stalin, who murdered many of his own people in order to maintain his dictatorship of Russia. .
             II. The barn at Manor Farm is where all on the democracy issue among the animals come up. The seven commandments the pigs paint on the outer walls of the barn represent the shared memory of a modern nation. The times when the ruling-class pigs change the rules and principles of the Animals, which the confused working-class animals accept, represent the way an faction in power can revise a society's concept of history to reinforce its control. If the working class thinks that history is on the side of their dictator, they are less likely to question dictator practices. .
             III. The great windmill symbolizes the pigs' manipulation of the other animals for their own benefit.

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