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Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Infopreneurs

             Entrepreneurship is a highly contributing factor towards creating jobs and helping economic growth (Bolton 2001,P32). Many define entrepreneurs as risk taking innovators who get deep into the cutting edge of the most exiting new business sector where they are conceived as creative, hardworking ambitious and farsighted. Others like Amar Bhide disagree. In his book Amar (Bhidé, 1999) believes that this notion seriously misleads government policies as small companies do not come into business because of their founders have new ideas but because the entrepreneurs simply take existing practices which are low profit sectors and simply adapt them to changing market and conditions. Whatever the view entrepreneurs are highly innovated people who will see an opportunity then bring together any land, labour and capital needed in order to exploit it and their objective is to make a profit for them selves. .
             There are many different views on how entrepreneurial skills are developed. Adolf.M.Hanich stated in a speech -entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs- (Hanich,2003). Others like Kirzner argue, "entrepreneurial vision evolves as soon as a person realises that he possesses an item of knowledge and as he starts to believe in this knowledge the vision grows. This is where the entrepreneur will start to learn and extend his skills- (Kirzner,1979,p168 ).
             There seems to be a case backing both beliefs in the form of Richard Branson, founder of the sucessful Virgin Empire; has over 200 companies fragmented in industries ranging from cinema, and trains to soft drinks and many more. He started his entrepreneurial venture after dropping out of school and selling christmas trees. Indicating Branson must have had some natural entrepreneurial talents even as a yougster where he had no education to rely on implying it was his eye for opportunity, his vision and natural business brain that brought him his sucess.

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