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            Imagine sitting on a park bench watching the people pass by. A petite woman walks by on her cell phone. She is dressed for business in the finest apparel but her hectic day at work is shown on her face. She then reaches in her purse for her keys to her Mercedes-Benz; she is going to her apartment where nobody will be there to greet her. Shortly after a man walks by in plain clothes with his two children by his side, laughter fills the air immediately as they are walking close by. They then continue walking until they reach their mini-van. The family is headed home for a meal prepared by his wife. Which person is more successful? .
             "If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all." Anna Quindlen. Success is the satisfaction that one gets by knowing they are the best they can be. Society's broad perspective of interpreting success is often misleading to the common man; this essay will depict society's view on success through quotes, definitions, and culture. People in society define success differently. Many people in society are often harmed by these harsh stereotypes set forth for success where as others benefit. .
             According to the interpretation of Anna Quindlen's quote, success is primarily measured by one's "own term's". This means that success is something set forth on an individual basis. Quindlen refers to one's success being based on the appearance to the world, versus feeling good in one's heart. This means that success isn't measured by the world but rather by one's own contentment. Success is knowing that without a doubt you .
             are the best you can be. Success is a word that has a different meaning to everyone. It has no limitations to just one person's definition. .
             The wealthy and famous in our society are often the definers of success, as well as the beneficiaries. They are the one's that the common man look to for directions and distinction.

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