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            Success is something that has different meanings for every person. A big house with a three-car garage and expensive luxury cars parked in every one of them could be the meaning of success to a prestigious businessman. However, a bungalow with one car could be the definition of success to a single parent. Success is a very versatile word, however success is when you find and achieve the perfect balance in life.
             Contrary to society's teachings, success is not about being the person with the most money, or the one with the biggest house, or the one with the nicest customized luxury automobiles parked in the driveway. Success is about having a healthy balance in life. It is about reaching points in your life where you feel content and fulfilled with everything you have done in your life up until that point. Success should also be measured on your personal goals that you end up achieving. It should be something completely personal, dictated solely on how you feel and not by what others expect.
             Part of achieving this "perfect balance" involves finding your true passion and doing it no matter what. It is about being able to reach your dreams because a lot of people disregard what they truly love because they think that they are incapable of actually reaching their ultimate goals. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are ways you can achieve success. If each of those aspects of your life is fulfilled to your utmost content and desire, you have achieved success. Along with all of that, being happy with your job, family, and friends is also important when trying to find success.
             Success equals happiness. When you achieve one, you achieve the other. You cannot have success by only achieving happiness in one aspect of your life.

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