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            The term success is often used to describe people like Bill Gates and.
             Success can mean many things, but it usually applies to a.
             victory over someone else. Bill Gates is succesful not because he defeated.
             somebody in some event, but because he has cunning and he took the initiative.
             to start a company that is now worth billions.
             Even I have experienced success on some levels. I have always been.
             fairly talented at math and science and I have won a few rewards in those areas.
             Most people are either good at something or they really enjoy doing it, so they.
             can really excel in that area if they try hard enough.
             Everyone wants to be successful. It makes us feel happy with what we.
             have done. It is especially satisfying if someone has worked hard to gain.
             success. An athlete that works very hard at their sport for a very long time may.
             feel frustration or anxiety for an event, but if they win, an overwhelming joyous.
             feeling follows that shows that their hard work has paid off.
             Whether it be the sound of a national anthem being played for an athlete,.
             or the distinct ring of a cash register, success has a definate sound to it. Another.
             sound that it should be associated with, but is often left out, is the sound of.
             laughter. When you hear someone laugh, you know that they are happy.
             Happiness is a key to being successful, even if it often left off of the list. If you.
             don't enjoy what you are doing, you will never succeed at it. No athlete has won.
             a championship to a sport that he hates. Liking what you do is one key to.
             This word is often associated with the color green. Green can stand for.
             the money that is sometimes associated with success. More importantly, green.
             can sometimes stand for the greed that some people have toward successful.
             people. We both admire and resent people who are better off than us. We.
             shouldn't really fell this way, however, because almost everyone is successful is.

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