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Why Students Experience Success in College

            Successful college students possess many qualities that contribute to their success. Some students excel because of their natural academic talents, and others do well because of their ability to study timelessly. While both of these qualities are important, the three that hold most importance for me are the following: maintaining a balanced college life, keeping a healthy lifestyle and being a strong self- advocate.
             Often, college students (particularly freshmen), have a very difficult time with the first quality which I named "maintaining a balanced college life. Because many freshmen are experiencing true freedom for the first time, they have difficulty managing their time and focusing on their academics, as they would under their parents' watchful eyes. They allow social commitments to take precedence over their academic ones. The result is that their grades suffer. An example of this would be a student who goes out almost every night to drink and party with friends. This student does not return to her dorm until very early in the morning. She will not be physically and mentally prepared for the full day of classes she has ahead of her. This particular student is not bound to excel academically with the behaviors she is engaging in. Successful college students maintain an appropriate balance and manage their time well. By making academics their primary focus, they do not run the risk of allowing their new social freedom to jeopardize their success. .
             Another quality successful college students possess is keeping a healthy lifestyle. Those who are healthy and who preserve their wellness by engaging in nourishing behaviors are more likely to have fewer absences from class, more likely to be in a state to concentrate well on their academics, and are more likely to perform better academically. That may be why Georgia Southern requires students to take a Healthful Living course, which outlines appropriate ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

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