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College Degrees and Guaranteed Success

            Education is an essential component of life and development. Accordingly, in this line, it has often been said that education is the key to success. However, it is indisputable that such a stance is open to debate. Many college graduates do not receive a well-paying job or a job within their field of the study upon graduation. Nevertheless, it is a fact that learning processes through education entail essential gateways to whole new discoveries and developments. Thus, this qualifies education as an important part and parcel of human development. College degrees and qualifications serve as sufficient proxies for essential knowledge, skills, and experience that prospective employers constantly yearn and look out for. In the movie Accepted, it is shown how a college graduate is not necessarily successful upon graduation, which constitutes of how a college degree does not guarantee a promising future.
             Most children beginning their education journey express the desire and aim to claw their way up the higher echelons of education. Thus, the aspiration of every individual seeking education is largely characterized by desire to achieve success after imbibing that knowledge. If the trends are anything to go by, one can conclude that college degree does not guarantee success in life. This is attributable to numerous factors and aspects which are evidenced in situations such as, success without college degrees. This essay will focus on the movie Accepted, and in particular, on the life of the dean who is shown to have graduated from college, however, works at a kids shoe store. This paper is going to explain in detail why a college degree does not guarantee success in life in relation to the life of the dean.
             There are very many popular people who are either uneducated or lack college degree but are incredibly rich and enjoy the benefits that dictate success in life such as palatial homes, an expensive fleet of cars and private islands.

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