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Success Club

            ï»¿Constitution of the Success Club.
             We, the members of the Success Club,subscribing to the policies and regulations of Ball State University, do hereby establish this constitution to govern the matters within our organization.This constitution is to secure the futures of the members herein, with the intent of driving them to greater heights in their pursuits throughout their lives.
             ARTICLE I. Purpose of the Club.
             We shall be known as the Success Club, and henceforth may be referred to as the Club in matters of discussion. All topics of discussion are to be held with the intent of developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and to empower young aspiring professionals by encouraging them to build a strong skill set that they will carry throughout their lives.We are a future force for good, to add value to the people and the planet. This is our mission, as stated, and as will be put into action through our common ambitions and goals. We are the next generation of confident, influential, purpose-driven leaders. We are the Success Club. .
             ARTICLE II. Membership.
             Section I - Membership Eligibility.
             Membership in the Club shall be limited to Ball State University faculty, staff and students currently enrolled at the University. Individuals interested in joining the organization may complete the membership form obtained from any current member of the organization.
             Section II - Non-discrimination Policy.
             The Club shall not discriminate against any individuals by refusing membership based on race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or military status. .
             Section III - Membership Responsibilities.
             Members of the Club shall attend bi-weekly meetings and pay dues upon enrollment in order to become active members and to attain voting privileges.
             Section IV - Expulsion of Membership.
             Expulsion of a member requires a three-quarter quorum of members present to request the expulsion, and a two-thirds majority vote to enact the expulsion decision.

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