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Fight Club

            Fight Club is a movie with many significant ideas that someone could discuss. There are so many ways that a person could take the movie, it may end up meaning something different to everyone. One of the bigger themes in the movie would have to be how meaningless it can be to base your life on the money you make or the job you hold.
             One of the main things you should question after you watch this movie is yourself. Think and ask yourself how much you might actually be like a character in this movie. People everyday have weird and often strange things that they do just to get through life. Some people have to listen to music, others workout or walk. Some of the more serious things that people do is drink or do drugs simply to escape the life that they wish they were not living.
             People always rate their success by the money that they make or the status that they have attained. In actuality people need to realize how idiotic it is to base everything on a system of what is in and out and rate themselves accordingly. Jack of course is your stereotypical middle-class working man. He is in an office and does work that seems monotonous. He orders things out of catalogs and is more or less like a girl shopping, but in his case for furniture for his apartment.
             Not only is Jack stuck in a rut of middle-class, single life boredom, but he also suffers from insomnia. All Tyler is, in my perspective, is Jacks rebellious nature coming out, the inclination that everyone gets about wanting to be outrageous or spontaneous. Like Tyler says, he is what Jack wants to be. Tyler "looks like you want to look. (Etc.)". Jack realizes how he is stuck in a rut of single, middle class monotony, and Tyler is one of the ways he can get himself out of it by making a life that is jam-packed full of excitement.
             Another drastic thing that Tyler does is scare Jack about his life ending. People can be scared about this all the time, showing the point about how everyone has certain things that they want to do before they die.

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