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Fight Club

            Fight Club is a dynamic reflection of the everyday experience of the middle-class working man, whose life revolves around materialism and consumerism. His life has no real purpose or goal to achieve and is always preoccupied with unnecessary distractions. His isolation from compassion drives him to adore his possessions and wealth, and he separates himself from the rest of society. Consciously or not, he is wandering aimlessly looking for his emotions through support groups and self-help centers. Fight Club is a film that everyone in today's society can relate to, for this film is pronouncing the state of today's North American culture. .
             The protagonist of Fight Club enters the movie without a name. He has no name because he can be identified as any middle-class working man. We can refer to him as "Jack", for he sometimes calls himself as that. Jack is in his late 20's, and has an everyday workplace setting that he attends every morning. He lives in an apartment that is furnished with all of the current standards of comfort. Despite all of his belongings, Jack is still unhappy. Initially, he describes his problem as being unable to sleep at night. Because of his insomnia, Jack starts to attend local support groups in which he begins to reconnect with his lost emotions. He enjoys these groups because .
             "people listen instead of waiting for their turn to speak".
             He attends numerous support groups repeatedly until he meets Marla. Marla has also been attending the support groups and Jack finds her presence infuriating as she symbolizes the lie that he himself is living. He cannot reconnect with Marla around, for she knows that he is a "faker". She makes him realize that he isn't really feeling because his situation isn't real. Jack and Marla finally agree to divide the support groups so Jack can comfortably go back to pretending to be sick. But because of what he recognized about himself with Marla, he is unable to go back to the support groups.

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