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Fight Club

            Fight Club is a film directed by David Fincher which was released in 1999. The story is about a male played by Edward Norton named Jack. Jack deals with a disease known as schizophrenia. Throughout the film he hops from one group to another when he bumps into another character which is played by Brad Pitt named Tyler. They both seem to have the same beliefs so they start what we call the "Fight Club", a place where men can show their masculinity and release their anger through fighting. I think this movie had a lot more to it than just fighting. By paying close attention you start to unfold and grasp certain messages or things that movie is really trying to get across to its viewers.
             At first you wonder what Fight Club really is in the film. Is it just a place for males to show off their masculinity and ability to fight, or is it a place for the men to bring out their feminine side through fighting. Others may see as fighting for them was just something to get them away from their everyday life. As you saw in the film Jack needed this action of fighting, he got some sort of thrill out of it. Soon enough you see how Fight Club soon turns out to be what they called "Project Mayhem". Now, Project Mayhem's ultimate goal was to get the members their power back. The members of Fight Club were all middle class citizens. Some were even gray collar workers which most hate their jobs. Most of them could've joined fight club not even for the fighting but to restore order in society.
             The next thing that was something significant that caught my attention was when Jack went against blondy for a fight. During the fight Jack has the obvious advantage but they had this rule in Fight Club that if you tap out the fights over. However after the fight between blondy and Jack was over, Jack still beat the blondy till his whole face was messed up almost killing him. Now if you remember the character Jack met named Tyler seemed to be getting along with blondy.

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