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Fight Club

             In our society cultures are created and destroyed by both lies and truths of the individuals who participate in each. These lies often tend to lead the individuals in our society to believe that the ideas and actions of their culture are justified because they are influenced by the other member's thoughts and actions. The ideas of the leaders of these groups are sometimes contrary to that of society, as in the movie "Fight Club". The main characters from "Fight Club" form a group that is centered on members taking their aggression out on the other members in order to cope with the issues that they are currently facing. The "Fight Club" allow the members to enter into a world in which pain and hurt distract them from the realities of the real world. The main character, Tyler, starts the "Fight Club" as a way of dealing with his problems and by doing this he incorporates Marla and Jack into this aggressive sub-culture. Through Tyler's social interaction with others he alters the idea of fighting and aggression to be accepted by the group as a whole. This type of interaction follows the structural functionalist perspective in that; what Tyler and the rest of the group do has a profound affect on the society as a whole. Marla's role in the movie follows the symbolic interactionist perspective as she deals with her problems through social interaction. For instance, Marla would go to random support groups to hear others problems in a way of dealing with her own. The role that Jack plays in this movie is from the conflict perspective in that his ideas and actions throughout the film conflict with the rest of societies. The lies and truths of the movie and the subcultures that are formed can be compared to that of the Iraqi society in that sub-cultures are formed contrary to that of society everyday. Sadly, many times these groups like in "Fight Club" make violence and destruction a focal point for their actions.

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