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What is success?

            What is success? Some people believe that only money defines success.Money can buy apparent aspect,but first we must know what is success.Having money is good,of course,but is money the only source of success?Of course not! Success is having good friends,a happy family,and good health.
             Everyone needs to have good friends,someone to trust. often we need a friend with whom we can speak about life. It is hard to find someone with this attributes,but i have a such a friend.Monica is this friend.When i need her she always beside me.Once,when i had argued with my father, Monica helped me see my father's point of view.Having a friend like her is an example of true success for me.
             Success,however,doesn't depend only on friends.Another element is family.Family is the holiest concept in the world.Eveybody wants to have a good family.Ã"n order to feel happy,secure and loved.Ã" have a millionaire,but he is not happy because of his parents' arguments.Ã"s he asuccessful personAccording to my definitions he is not,for he doesn't possess the second element; family.
             While family and friends are essential for being successful,without good health ,we have nothing.There are times when i feel ill.Perhaps i just have a cold .My family and my friends are very supportive,but i still feel awful.Ã"f i were to have a very serious illness or injury ,no amount of love would make me think i was a success in life .Ã" love to run ; if i couldn't ,i wouldn't want to continue living.Ã"t is clear that for me ,good health is the most important part of my equation for success.
             For being successful,i need to have good friends ,family and health.While i have written about myself only ,i do believe that my equation for success can be used by eeveryone.Some people would argue that money can replace friends,family and health.My response to this belief is simple .Such people are fools.

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