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Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

             Diversity can be defined as difference, in this case, social or cultural difference. In reference to a text I have studied in class, "Voices Nearby", I shall contrast my opinion, using also my own knowledge.
             If we were all the same, there would be no point in living, nothing to strive for, no one to beat. Diversity in itself if a wonderful thing, as it enriches our world, flourishing it with multi-national cultures and customs.
             Individualism plays a significant role in understanding the assortment of traditions this world encompass". It is unfortunate to mention that there is a noticeable community of people who, for whatever reason, do not appreciate and/or accept those that are different to them. These people are classified as racist. .
             As diverse as the people on this planet are, there are surprisingly many differences that some do not even know, and on that basis, decided to discriminate or hate others for it. An example of this scenario is anti-Semitism toward the Jews. Why do people hate Jews? I do not know the reason for this, but I do know that many atrocities have been committed against the Jewish people, purely on the basis that they are different. .
             With all due respect, despite the many visible differences between Jews and Muslims, there are many similarities in their way of life, including law.
             It is the radical extremists in the many cultural groups around the world that degrade the name of their faith. We must remember that they are only a minority.
             Diversity is also what brings us together as a people. Through the respect shown to one another, we grow and learn off each other. By learning more about society and the world it makes us richer and wiser.
             In the story "A Tattooed Betelnut", there is a strong theme of revenge in the air. One mans" brother is killed, so he sets out to kill the murderer's. there are many concepts in life that are sometimes unjustifiable. Some may say revenge compensates for those actions.

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