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Is Australia a Racist Country?

            "Australia is the most racist country on Earth." This statement is expressed as though it were a proven fact, yet no one seems able to explain the evidence for such a damaging comment. Reasons such as the treatment of Aboriginals and asylum seekers are usually highlighted whenever this topic arises. I do not believe Australia is the most racist country and will support my opinion by discussing Australia's racial discrimination laws, multicultural population and the different perceptions of what racist behaviour actually is. This paper is directed at those who do believe Australia is the most racist country in the hope that by the end of it they will feel differently. Historically it can't be denied that Australia was a racist country in the past, particularly in the treatment of the Aboriginal people. This attitude was extended to other races in the first half of the 20th century when the "White Australia Policy" was in place. Should we be ashamed of how the First Australians were treated? Of course. Was the "White Australia Policy" a mistake" Definitely. Yet in 1967, Australians voted overwhelmingly to change laws that prevented Aborigines from being recognized as ctizens. "White Australia Policy" was also abolished completely in 1978. .
             Since then Australia has progressively worked to eliminate racism and has made great strides in reducing it. It is unfair to label our current society racist, based on the past. It is also unfair to say the racist minority is representative of all Australians. By doing so people are generalizing, which is exactly the same thing that people who make racist comments do. Yes, there are Australians who are racist but there is in every other nationality as well, many to a far greater degree. Fortunately in Australia we have legislation that addresses discrimination but the same cannot be said about many of the countries who label Australians as racist. According to a survey in 2013 "The Global Social Attitudes Study", Australia is one of the most racially tolerant countries on the planet.

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