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Effects of Racial Prejudice on Modern Society

             The white man has controlled the world for many centuries now and the treatment the African, Chinese and Arab people has not changed much at all. In this essay I will show the effects of racial prejudice on modern society.
             In America the average income for a black man is 61% less than the average white man and that is the same percentage difference as in 1880. That means that not a thing has changed for over 120 years. Nearly 20% of black men between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four are neither in school nor working compared to the 9% of white men. White men are five times more likely to receive emergency treatment for a stroke and black levels of unemployment have been roughly twice more than white since 1954.
             I don't know why the white man is so racist towards so many different races of people because they aren't very nice themselves. Who started every war that America has been in? Who invented PBC, PVC, PBB all these chemicals that are killing us? Whose idea was it to pollute the world with internal combustion engines? The genocide of native people in countries ruled by whites? Slavery? White people of course.
             Racism is not just about disliking someone who is a different colour. Just before the 2003 Gulf War when France used their veto to stop the resolution for war through the United Nations Americans turned against the French. They boycotted all French products, pouring bottles of French wine onto the street and deserting all French restaurants in America. Now that is racism between two races of white people.
             In Australia there is quite a large racist problem due the high rate of multiculturalism. Most of the racism in Australia is directed towards the aboriginals, just the same as when white man first came Australia and slaughter thousands of natives of Aboriginals who had no chance. It is not just the whites that are racist in Australia. There are lots of Asian gangs that are racist toward most people.

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