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Affirmative action

             Segregation and discrimination has been an ongoing problem in modern society, and since the abolitionists movements, America has developed programs to equalize the rights of minorities. Affirmative action (AA) is a program to ensure that individuals have equal opportunities without regard to their sex, race, or ethnicity. The practice of affirmative action is like placing a stoplight at an intersection after many lives have been lost, it prevents future deaths but it cannot compensate for what has already been done. Affirmative action is referred to as a stoplight because the program is trying to put an end to inequality after all these years of segregation and unfair advantages in education for minorities. Unfortunately, it may help to dismiss this problem in the future, but no matter what is done to correct the imbalance of minorities in academic institutions; it cannot rectify the emotional and physical scars of the past.
             Some information about affirmative action is generally affirmative action has been undertaken by governments, businesses, or educational institutions to remedy the effects of past discrimination against a group. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was created to prohibit discrimination and was the start of affirmative action. "President John F. Kennedy was the first to use this term, and Nixon was the first to implement programs for affirmative action" (Bush). Each university is to meet a racial quota to comply with the AA program. Our constitution makes it clear that people of all races must be treated equally under the law, yet quota systems that use race to include or exclude people from higher education and the opportunities it offers are disruptive, unfair and impossible to apply to the constitution. Applicants are asked to report their ethnic group and their sex to colleges and employers for monitoring the AA efforts. .
             A couple problems with the AA program are that it is hypocritical and it does not always provide fully qualified students.

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